A Response to IAW and the Yossi Reshef debacle

Dear Readers and Friends,

I received this email on Friday Afternoon and felt that it must be shared to all those who were affected by the aggression of Israel-Apartheid Week and the Yossi Reshef debacle.

It gave me a lot of strength and I wish to share this with you:


As an observant Jewish woman and Torah fan, may I suggest the following to our Jewish journalists.  We do need good PR/public relations for Israel.
Rabbi Aron Pessin from Beit Shemesh states in his daily Torah words on Parshat Tzav, that one of the reasons for the Kohen Gadol’s bells on the bottom of his robe, was to announce, Without   Speaking, the coming of the Kohen. Less speech reduces the opportunity for lashan hara.
Publicize the positive we Jews do.  Do not advertise visually our detractors on the front page. Do not disclose all to everyone.  Consult your trusted Rabbi on issues and what and how to publish-when to speak when not to.  When Torah directs the media, Hashem fights our battles with truth and justice. 
Life is a paradox. Silence is golden, yet as a media person you have an important job of what, when, how and to whom to disseminate information.

Shabbat Shalom. Chag Pesach Sameach v’Kasher

Esther F. 
From Israel”
In addition, I’d like to give a quick update:
I had the honour of having coffee with Mr Reshef and Mr Victor Gordon just over 10 days ago. He was explaining to me that he himself is actually a Peace Activist and uses his influence to promote peace across the globe.
He also explained how saddened and shocked he was by the actions of these hooligans at Wits and that it did cause emotional distress. Mr Gordon responded and said that “It just debases them more knowing that they attacked and sabotaged a musical recital of a known Peace Activist.”
Furthermore, I was told by witnesses  that the University were well aware of the fact that there would be a protest and should have supplied extra security. The Police was called during this debacle when the security was unable to get these barbaric Protesters out of the Concert Hall. When they arrived at the University entrance they were actually turned away.
This entire situation could have been prevented had the University taken the proper precautions.
This event made the headlines in Israel for days. (Read a report here by the Jerusalem Post: http://www.jpost.com/Opinion/Columnists/Article.aspx?id=308111)
Mr Reshef is a very kind and gentle person who has a most inspiring and humbling way about him. You cannot but have respect for such a person. It is disgusting that people cannot tell the difference between Politics and Arts and Culture.
He is a musician not a politician.
Rest assured the correct action is being taken by the South African Jewish Community to bring those involved in both this disgusting act and the aggressive actions toward Jewish students (I was one of them) during Israel-Apartheid week, to justice.
May this be a lesson to all that eventually the truth does come out and the true motives of Campaigns like Israel-Apartheid Week, BDS and the PSC have been exposed as a result of all these disgusting events.
We must remember that we have the ability to change the world for good & make a huge difference OR we can chose to cause destruction & allow chaos to reign just like what happened during IAW.
I have nothing against peaceful protesting and freedom of speech & expression – we all have a Constitutional Right to do so even if some may not agree with the opinions expressed. However, there is a way to get ones point across and acting like violent barbarians is not it!
Stay tuned for my next post which will detail my experience during Israel-Apartheid Week.

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  1. This is the type of denialist and “victim” trash that supporters of apartheid used to come up in a similar drone years ago. Their moans were stopped and they have disappeared like the writer above will be doing soon.

    Nothing will happpen about the Reshev concert – as he was a legitimate target. He is no Peace activist and never mentioned this while in SA. He is a naive sucker that did not understand his actions, made no attempt to sort his story out with the zionest agencies that sent him here and suffered the consequences. he won’t be back in a hurry and neither will any of his other naive cultural types. Good riddance.

    It seems taht the zionest defnders are the ones that will be charged over the inicdents – quite rightly as of course they were violent thugs as this report shows.

    On Monday 15 April 2013 supporters of Israel held a music concert to celebrate Israeli Independence Day at Gold Reef City Casino in Johannesburg, which was organized by the South African Zionist Federation (SAZF) and the South African Jewish Board of Deputies (SAJBD).

    The SAZF and SAJBD insisted on arranging their own security (the “Jewish Community Security Organization”) instead of allowing either Gold Reef City Casino or the South African Police Services (SAPS) to perform the role of safety and security for the Israeli event.

    Palestinian protesters contested that the Israeli celebration was essentially a “celebration of murder, expulsion and continued Israeli oppression against the indigenous Palestinian people” and arranged a picket outside the venue where over 250 members from COSATU, the SA Students Congress, BDS South Africa and several other civil society organizations were present.

    In addition, young activists (mostly women students) had also bought tickets, made their way into the venue of the Israeli event and partook in a direct-action Greenpeace-like protest where they released bad smelling “stinky-bombs” and wore T-shirts that read “Israeli Apartheid Stinks” in luminous green writing.

    During the direct-action protest inside Gold Reef City, two young women protesters were violently assaulted by the Jewish Community Security Organization (CSO) including having their hands tied with cables, their faces covered and their heads smashed into the parking lot’s concrete paving. Other protesters were forcibly thrown down escalators and one protester was locked into a passageway where he was repeatedly and simultaneously kicked in the stomach by more than five Jewish Community Security Organization (CSO) personnel – he later suffered a concussion. A members of the Jewish community, Ms Isla Feldman (director of the SA Zionist Federation) also punched a woman protester in the face resulting in a serious swelling injury.

    You guys behave just like the hard core apartheid supporters used to – showing just why the IAW is necessary till you have been closed down.

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