Recital of World Renowned Pianist Sabotaged at South African University.

World renowned pianist Yossi Reshef was born in Israel but has lived in Berlin, Germany for many years. He is a critically acclaimed musical maestro who has received many awards for his musical talents. He has played all over the world including Britain, Denmark, Israel, Italy, Germany, Poland, Croatia, Spain, Russia and the United States of America.

On the evening of Tuesday March 12th 2013, Yossi was scheduled to play a paid recital at Wits University which was open to the public and fully booked. However, when he arrived at the concert hall on Wits East Campus he was met by a delegation of Sixty plus Anti-Israel and Anti-Zionist protestors which included members of the PSC, the Wits Student Representative Council (SRC) and the MSA. He was quickly ushered in by security that was guarding the entrance to the building. When guests began to arrive, the protestors started to become restless and rowdy toward them.

According to eye-witnesses there were a number of unruly incidents that took place, where guests were accosted by the members of the so-called “silent” protest. Among those accosted was a lecturer from the Wits Music Department who was apparently pushed and kicked as he attempted to enter the concert hall. Security had to use minor force to help both the lecturer and a number of other guests get into the hall without being injured by the protesters.

Eventually all the doors were closed and the concert was finally allowed to begin. However, as Mr Reshef began to play the protestors outside were blowing vuvuzelas and chanting loudly as a means of trying to disrupt the piano recital.  During this time, the security remained outside to guard the main door. After some time, things became quiet. Suddenly, while Mr Reshef was in middle of playing Beethoven’s “Tempest” Sonata, another door within the concert hall burst open. The protestors started streaming into the venue whilst chanting and making loud noises as they attempted to sabotage the recital. It was later discovered that the protesters had actually broken into a fire exit and come in through that door. Security swiftly arrived on the scene and managed to push the protesters out of the hall for a time. Nevertheless, the protestors became so forceful that the security officers were actually pushed backward and once again they came into the main hall screaming, jumping and blowing vuvuzelas. Yossi Reshef was ushered out of the venue very quickly as chaos began to reign within the hall. An eyewitness who wished to remain anonymous even stated he saw the Vice-President of the Wits SRC, cheer one of the protestors who began to violently hit the piano keys of a Steinway Piano that was being used by Mr Reshef. One of the music professor’s, who was truly horrified by what was taking place quickly, ran over to close this very expensive piece of musical equipment.

By this time, five members of the Wits SRC, including the President were present in the hall watching this all take place but were doing nothing to put a stop to it. The guests were all forced to leave as security was unable to get a handle on the pandemonium taking place within the venue. As the guests left in a hurry, the protesters began to shout in unison “down with Israel.”

Eyewitnesses have described the protestors as “hooligans” who were purposefully trying to destroy a beautiful evening that was supposed to be memorable; unfortunately for the wrong reasons. It must be noted that Yossi Reshef resides in Berlin and is not in any way politically affiliated with Israel. This hate action against Mr Reshef and the guests was done purely because he was just born in Israel.

In light of the fact that Mr Reshef is a renowned concert pianist, this behaviour will do much to harm the reputation of the University of the Witwatersrand, which represents the bastion of freedom of expression and freedom of speech that is outlined in the South African constitution. It is in poor taste that once again the minority extremists were allowed to gain the upper-hand over the majority of peace loving lecturers and guests alike who were present at this event. The security measures seem to have been woefully inadequate and the whole fiasco was poorly handled. Extra measures should have been implemented to ensure the safety of all the patrons involved, but this was obviously not the case.

A thorough investigation of this incident should be implemented with immediate effect and disciplinary action should be instituted against all those involved in causing this unfortunate incident.

Below is an apology and statement released by the Wits University:


The University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, deeply regrets that a concert held on its campus last night was disrupted by some members of the University community and representatives of external organisations.

In light of this incident, the University takes this opportunity to issue a public apology to all those who attended the concert. The disruption of this event points to intolerance on the part of some members of the University community and goes against the core values espoused by the University. The University is investigating this matter and will take the necessary action based on its policies, processes and procedures.

The University reiterates that the views and opinions expressed by the Students’ Representative Council or any other student groups on campus do not represent the official views of the University, nor are they necessarily an accurate reflection of the views of the majority of students, staff and alumni.

Wits University is a leading institution on the African continent renowned for encouraging dialogue and debate on often diverse and conflicting views confronting society. It provides a platform for different constituencies to express their views and opinions through considered debate and intellectual engagement in the spirit of tolerance, respect and openness.

We value the diverse views of all our staff, students and alumni regardless of their race, religion, gender, culture, language, ideology or otherwise, provided that they do not exceed the limitations explicated in our Constitution.

The diversity of people, programmes and ideas at Wits leads to the richness and robustness of the institution. This is indeed one of the greatest qualities of excellent higher education institutions, and one which Wits cherishes.

Prof. Loyiso Nongxa

Vice-Chancellor and Principal

University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg

13 March 2013”

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  1. Good – he was warned that would happen and made no statement to distance himself from the apartheid state of Israel. We overcoame apartheid here and will help to get rid of it there. The stories are parallel and both were evil crimes against humanity.

    A Palestinian would not have benn able to hear the concert in Israel so why does he think he is an innocent – when his trip was paid by the Israeli government and a Zionist cultural fund. He must be naive to think he can just come here and expect a warm reception.

    I hope the Israeli Apartheid Week shuts down his next concerts as well. Yossy has only himself to blame. He could join in the many progressive Israeli musicians around the world that support the cultural boycott.

    • Benjamin, firstly he does not live in Israel and hasn’t lived there for many years now – it seems to me you did not read that part of the article or did you skip it out purposely? Secondly he wasn’t solely sponsored by Israel – the Music department at both Wits University and the University where he works in Berlin also had a hand in bringing him out. Thirdly, people need to learn to tell the difference between Politics and Culture! This was PURELY a music/cultural event – it had absolutely nothing to do with counter-acting IAW! This event was planed months ago – way before the announcement of when IAW was going to be – its absolute coincidence that he came during this time. So I suggest that you get the facts before you comment next time because it seems to me that you have been misinformed.

    • Dear Benjamin, I wish you would calmly check your facts-who is feeding you all with this incorrect and blatantly untrue information?- today I was in Ceasaria – a town in Israel and saw a very large group of Arab school kids on a field trip. All well dressed and healthy looking. By the way, have you any information on the well being of Syrian kids?

      • These are the FACTS. Yoosi came here very naively and deserved the treatment he got. The same will happen to other naive performers. I posted these facts and they are still awaiting moderation after a week. All you want is pro -zionist propaganda and not the facts.

        His concert is made possible with generous support from the Israeli Embassy and Tararam, the Israeli Culture Fund in South Africa.”

        Tararam’s stance on Israel/Palestine is made clear in a correspondence between the director of Tararam and Joni Barnard and Aslam Bulbulia with regards a different cancelled event.

        Therefore, considering his funders and their ideological position, Dr Yossi Reshef cannot be argued to be a neutral bystander.

        The Israeli Embassy and Tararam sponsored the entire trip, not just individual performances.

        You are saying that saying Dr Reshef was not sponsored by the Israeli Embassy, it is not true. He was and you are fudging the issue. He deserved what he got for being so naive. Other musicians and artists coming will have the same treatment< It is not a neutral subject – he is playing a political game and losing – as are you Ilantic .

      • Why is my comment – showing that Reshev’s tour was paid for by zionist interest still not posted? You are running a cheap propaganda website.

      • Thanks for the rudeness… if you’ve noticed this website of mine is not Propaganda, this blog very cultured and discusses many different things not just Israel. I will not have your insulting comments going unnoticed! If you must know, I haven’t had a chance to come onto the blog over the last few days because my house got struck by lightning and I had no internet! Maybe you should learn to stop being so rude and arrogant and stop misjudging everything, everyone and this situation! If you can’t be civil then please do not post here! This is a forum for discussion & dialogue not name-bashing!

        By the way, I had coffee with him and he was telling me that he is a known Peace Activist, he believes in peace and is trying his hardest to use his music to promote peace not conflict! This blog post that I have written about the events that took place at Wits a few weeks ago are THE FACTS and say what you want but the behaviour of the protesters (it wouldn’t surprise me if you were one of them Benjamin!) was absolutely disgusting! It is shameful and gives the university a terrible name! You have to stop mixing Politics with Culture! He is a MUSICIAN not a POLITICIAN!
        Oh and by the way, I personally know someone from the Wits Music School who told me that they (Wits University) had a DIRECT and large hand in bringing him out to Wits.
        People like you constantly seem to be critical of the way in which Zionists and Jews who love Israel do not allow Palestinians a mode of free speech or Expression! (Yet Israeli-Apartheid week takes place every year which in my opinion is the Palestinian’s voice because it is sponsored by BDS who is directly affiliated & sponsored by Hamas and Al-Queda – (who RUN Gaza & who are terrorist organizations) and Iran & Syria (who violate Human Rights daily)) By denying Yossi the ability to play here, you have denied him the right to free expression… people like you are being hypocritical and you are going DIRECTLY against the South African Constitution!

  2. Barbarians!

  3. Were any of the “peaceful protestors” arrested? Of course not.

    • You’re 100% correct, none were arrested and unless what happened gets a large amount of PR, no real action will be implemented against the perpetration.

  4. That’s not good! When we were students at Wits, sometimes we would heckle during speeches by members of the Nationalist Party. But there were many people who felt they should be allowed to speak, in the name of free speech, even though they didn’t agree with the views of the government.

    Whatever your views of Israel, to perpetrate violence — on a pianist! — is totally unacceptable. And he is not from Israel!

    • Murray, thank you so much for your comment. This was an absolute violation of free speech and moreover it seems these people have no understanding of the difference between Politics and Culture. There was almost a repeat of this at Stellenbosch University last night but luckily this time there was a lot of security so these guys were unable to get into the venue and the concert carried on as normal.

  5. I’m actually very disgusted that we have hooligans like this at WITS. I didn’t think I went to a university that tolerated this bull shit by a select few idiots. The SRC does nothing at WITS and if anything, the whole thing should just be abolished. They only embarrass WITS and the students that go there.

    • Bob, I honestly could not agree more! Apparently from what I’ve heard the SRC only represents 5%-10% of the students views! And I voted last year so that should include me but alas it is a far cry from my opinons!

  6. Note how “Benjamin” the first commenter in this thread beat a hasty retreat the moment he was confronted by the facts. These guys do not even pretend to be motivated by intellectual principles or reason, its pure violence and thuggery all the way. And unfortunately based on past experience is extremely unlikely there will be any repercussions for these thugs and vandals. Anyway, good job Ilanit on reporting and spreading awareness of this horrible incident.

    • I call people like that cowards… there’s a saying “Bully’s are cowards!” It is so true! And as you said, we all stated the facts and he had no way of knowing how to respond because he knows that what he said was ignorant and not based on fact. I worry about whether or not there will be proper action taken against these guys because Yossi Reshef was brought out by the university so some sort of legal action should take place against them! But we will have to see…
      At Stellenbosch Uni last night, they tried to do it again but luckily there was tons of security so these guys had no way of getting into the concert and it carried on as normal thank goodness! 🙂
      Thank you so much for the comment and the compliment! Keep spreading the word!
      The more publicity the more chance that action will be taken!

    • No still here – while you guys waffle on. The facts that you are missing is that this trip was paid for by an Israeli cultural outfit. Whis is like a Ge Korsten concert tour to Europe in the mid eighties when the struggle was as intense as the Palestinian occupation and its virtual prison for these inhabitants is unfolding NOW.

      It seems you zionist supporters do not like being compared to the supporters of the Nats that kept Apartheid going and the culture it represented. Tey it seems you are the same – and have the same “victim” sense of outrage of your little concert being stopped as the Nats had when it happened then. You use the same language and the same excuses. And the issues are paralell unless you are as blind as Yossi Reshef and his supporters. But – as these roll out I doubt there will be other Israeli artists coming here for some time. Good.

      • Benjamin, he was brought out by Wits University Music Department and his tour around the country sponsored by the other respected universities in South Africa! Get the facts – The Israeli Embassy HAD NOTHING to do with it!!

      • Benjamin, whilst you revel in the violent physical assault on an accomplished musician whose sole distinguishing feature which attracted the violent thuggery seems to be his religion and place of birth, know and know well that happily, never in the history of disinvestment and boycott campaigns has so much energy and vitriol been expended by so many people to so little effect. Since the advent of the violent and mindless Palestinian BDS campaign in 2002 Israel has has unbounded economic successes in which its foreign direct investment has rocketed, it has joined the OECD and more recently its tourism market has rebounded tremendously.

        So please I encourage you and your comrades to continue to invest all your energies in this BDS campaign to no avail. And especially incidents such as this one which make the Palestinian BDS campaign come out smelling like roses. Or not.

      • Dear Supporter of Hooliganism,

        On the contrary, the more apt historical parallel here is between the ANC Youth League and the Hitler Youth; the tactics employed are the same. Rather than demonstrating an analogy between the Nationalist government of apartheid South Africa and the civilized people outraged at your hooliganism you have, in fact, demonstrated that “Nazi” thugs can also manifest with black skins.

        Ultimately this despicable affair has nothing to do with the Middle East, Israel, anti-Zionism, Antisemitism, the plight of Palestinians or any such thing. It has to do with people who have not yet attained any depth of character or deeper understanding of our existence in this cosmos, people whose identity and meaning of life depend on the concept of “the Struggle” and mob violence, fueled by hatred, ignorance and cowardice. (Very “brave” and “ethical” of a hoard to attack an individual doing his job, which is a selfless job devoted to peace and beauty.) In a post-apartheid South Africa where “the Struggle” has become obsolete, certain people are merely clutching at straws to find another struggle to uphold their strife-dependent sense of self. It is a choice not to be free, not to let go, not to become enlightened.

        Even the Nats, ultimately, were more wise than your “admirable” Hitler, er, ANC Youth League thugs. In the end, did the Nats not peacefully negotiate your freedom, rather than resorting to escalating violence, not to mention leaving you with the infrastructure of Western civilization you can see all around you, to your benefit? And what do you choose to do with your freedom and opportunities? You choose to remain oppressed by your own mental state of hatred and victimization instead of finding something worthwhile you can be passionate about and doing it; something that betters this world through peaceful means, invention, progress or beauty…something like the job that Mr Reshef and other emissaries of civilization do every day, and have done every day for thousands of years, for the imagination and creation of the modern world around you and the betterment of this world of which you are a part (however ungrateful). Ultimately, if you can ever attain that level of self-awareness, you will understand that you don’t give a tuppence about the Palestinians; you are merely filled, by your own free will, with envy and hatred. The only way out of that mental prison is to work hard for it or to suffer for it until you learn to let it go. Either way, you have the freedom to choose, and you have the freedom to express your views, and to disagree with others’ views, but you have no “human right” physically to harass people who have done no harm but to appreciate an art form you choose not to understand or appreciate.

        So the concert happened to coincide with your anti-Israeli activities, by chance! You and your mob are supremely arrogant, not to mention ignorant, if you believe that a concert tour of this kind is just thrown together for your annoyance at the last minute, rather than an event that has nothing to do with you and that has been planned and rehearsed months or even years before you ever threw together your event, which woy did, no doubt, with minimal preparation and research. Obviously, because despite having internet access you did not bother to look up the artist’s biography or you would have known that he lives in Germany and has often participated in musical events aimed at promoting peace between Jews and Muslims, something you are incapable of doing through your pathetic thuggery.

        Well done if you were trying to be recognized by the world as semi-literate “Nazi” thugs sans the blond hair and blue eyes; you have succeeded admirably.

  7. It is sad to see a wonderful country engulfed in so much crime and violence becoming a completely lawless society which does not spell good fot its future.South Africa has so manny pressing problems which get completely ignored while some its citizens engage in daming other countries instead of dealing with trying to return civilization to beautiful South Africa,Tourists Artists and many visitors will just stop coming.One gets the impression that a small part of the unruly public is more interested in creating chaos and less in building the rainbow nation which the great man Mandella dreamed about.

    • That’s exactly my point and whenever Israeli-Apartheid week comes along on Campus, I make it very clear to these “Palestinian Activists” that perhaps they should worry about the Poverty, crime, corruption and limited housing this country has before trying to save the Palestinians! It even says in the bible that you should worry about your own and your community before anyone else. It always stumps them!

  8. Revd. John Freeman

    Since Mr. Reshef is in no way connected to the State of Israel and doesn’t live there, I think we should call this incident by its proper name: antisemitism. That’s an ugly word for an ugly attittude, Benjamin. It is the frame of mind that makes horrors like the Holocaust possible. You are a Jew hater who covers his tracks by claiming his actions are aimed at Zionism. So before you next go out to beat up someone, please ask HIM the relevant question: “Are you a Zionist?”
    Did you do that?
    John F

    • It truly is anti-antisemitism…unfortunately today there is no distinction between Anti-Zionism and antisemitism. They are one in the same. Antisemites just use Anti-Zionism as a means to hide behind. Miri Eisen spoke a few weeks ago and when I asked her about if today there is a difference she said “No, because when people think of Zionists, they picture a Jew.” So today it is the same!

    • John – you are a sad excuse for a human being. The Holocaust was made possible by rampant nationalists – who just like Zionists llike Mr Reshef and the escuse that runs this blog – think they can do what they like and live in ignorance of the evil atrocities the state perpetuates to keep in existance. Please don’t spread your ignorance as if it has a logic.

      I am anti-zionist and have ample examples of Mr Reshef’s arrogance about the state of Israel and his zero response on the targets of the IAW which is supported by many Jews. He is naive and arrogant – and this is nothing to do with his considerable talents.
      He is simply being a pawn like many South African artists were – before the apartheid system was shut down effectively through the boycotts and the publication of information the Zuioneist state would like the world not to know about.

  9. I am an Israeli citizen and a former citizen of South Afrca, which I left as a protest against apartheid. Those attacking Israel as being an apartheid state are grossly ignorant and the hooliganism in their ranks does not surprise me. I feel ashamed at the atrocious behaviour of students at my Alma Mater.

    • Monty, Shalom! And thank you for commenting! You cannot compare South African Apartheid to the situation in Israel. Any black person who knows the true details and has experienced Apartheid will tell you that there is NO comparison. I spoke with an older Black person on the Wits Campus a few days ago and he said to me that he just laughs when they compare Israel to Apartheid because “these Kids no nothing of what Apartheid really was in this country, it was brutal and cruel. What is going on in Israel may be seen as a type of occupation but the people are able to vote and work within Israel itself. Despite the army presence, Israel still looks after the Arabs in the West Bank villages and in Gaza. In South Africa there was only brutality if one was black – none of the above was ever given to the black population.” So I’m just sharing this man’s voice and statement which proves that this idea of Israel being an “Apartheid state” is a full on lie!

      • This reeks of the patronism and ignorance shown by whites at the end of apartheid. Congrats Ilantic for being a first class fool.

  10. Hi Ilan, my name is Josh. I am a SA citizen, and a Jew, and I study at Wits University. I was completely disgusted at the abhorrent behaviour these hooligans and those thugs perpetrated a few weeks ago. I will not comment further, because everything has been said. But what I will add is that, I witnessed Israeli Apartheid Week on campus myself, and I must say it took a lot of energy for me to not lose my cool, bear in mind I am not a violent man, and I have never fought anyone in my life. It is just at that moment I had a sudden urge, but luckily I am smart enough to know better.

    These, and I can’t call them anything else but “animals” ruin the reputation of an amazing musician, just out of their sheer-faced ignorance and bias.

    What bears mentioning is that the main perpetrators here in order were: 1. ANCYL (ANC Youth League) 2. PSC (Palestinian Solidarity Committee). 3. MSA (Muslim Student’s Association). I heard them chanting slogans of “racists”, etc., particularly the ANCYL.

    What I don’t get is, why the ANCYL support these people (as it is a mostly Black supported organisation), when most Palestinians do not even like Blacks!!! Lol, go figure. By the way, this is a fact, not just something that I just made up.

    Also, on to the matter of Benjamin, as one of the commenters said earlier, I would not be surprised if he is a member of the ANCYL or was one of the protesters that day, his name seems very familiar to me.

    In any event, all of this aside, I want to thank you for this thread Ilanitc, please keep posting the truth, keep educating the ignorant.

    Much thanks and congratulations to you!



    • This strand of comments is very reminiscent of the type of arrogant tripe Nationalist Southa Africans used to spew out during the last days of apartheid. The writers then were all victims of a world that did not understand them and the culture they stood for and were in deep denial and showing a brainwashed ignorance of the realities of the country and the effects of apartheid policy on the population.

      As we know now – the system was evil and not amount of cover up or arrogance could save them – the walls had to come down and a new democratic realtionship had to begin to move forward.

      Ilantic, Josh, Monty Zon, the Rev Freeman, Bob and the rest of you are these same characters – heads in the sand and feeling victims. Yossi Reshef – deserved all he got. He never once expalined his motives or relationship to the Zionist state. He behaved like his equivalents in the end of apartheid – arrogant and marginalised.

      • “Benjamin”,

        Au contraire, it is your “arrogant tripe” and your ANCYL hooliganism that call to mind more apt historical comparisons:

        * the propaganda and tactics of your “struggle” = the language and tactics of “Mein Kampf”

        * the thoughtless, brainwashed violence and hooliganism of the ANC Youth League = the thoughtless, brainwashed violence and hooliganism of the Hitler Youth

        * your conduct on that night = a Kristallnacht in miniature

        You keep talking about Mr Reshef having not “expalined” [sic] his “motives”. Then, by the same token as your illogical pseudo-“reasoning”, anyone can turn to you and demand that you “explain” [or “expaline”] your “motives” for deliberately organizing an anti-Israeli week just to undermine Mr Reshef’s concert. Are you truly oblivious to the absurdity, the arrogance and naivete, of your thought – your delusion – that a small classical music concert was planned and plotted with a political agenda “to undermine” your anti-Israel week? No doubt you have zero insight into the level of preparation that goes into a “little concert” of classical music, months of work just from the performer’s side, let alone when it involves international travel arrangements. No doubt your anti-Israel week was thrown together with minimal planning or research, coincidentally on the same date that Mr Reshef’s concert had been scheduled to take place months before your events were scheduled.

        You talk about “moving forward”, yet you live in the past, enslaved by your own hateful mental state, hindered from making any progress whatsoever. Even the artist you attacked like mindless savages has been active as a legitimate ambassador for peaceful dialogue between Jews and Muslims, including eight years of coaching Jewish and Muslim music students in the “Playing for Peace” project organised by the Apple Hill Chamber Centre in New Hampshire, USA, as well as Mr Reshef’s previous concerts with Muslim musicians. THAT is how one does something CONSTRUCTIVE and progressive towards dialogue and peace. That is what artists do: not politics, not violence, not thuggery. You and your kind – mindless thugs – have the audacity to open your maws about “progress” and “evil”!? You believe in “progress” through violence and hooliganism??? Then you prove my comparison correct between your conduct and that of the Hitler Youth. Congratulations.

        The only reasonable thing you have managed to say is that evil ultimately will not stay covered up, and the only evil here was in your hearts and your conduct. The whole world has taken note of what you did on that night. The whole world is looking down upon you (and through you, upon the “new” South Africa) with disgust, and that includes enlightened black and Muslim people whom you put to shame. You are a disgrace to South Africa. And since YOU keep bringing up the Nats and the past, do you think that behaving as uncivilized hooligans proves the Nats to have been unjust in treating you as sub-human, or is your hooliganism justifying their policies? The ball is in your hands now. PROVE yourself better than what the Nats saw in you. YOU have the freedom to choose to make something constructive of your life through education and determination or to continue to enslave yourself through hatred and violence. Violence begets violence, and rest assured, if you continue on like this, you will reap what you have sown because you are creating an environment in which it is OK to commit any kind of violence against someone else as long as YOU in your delusion feel you are justified in doing so. That is the world you are creating and in that world others are going to feel free to do any violence to you that they damn well please, and then you’re still going to be blaming the Nats instead of taking responsibility for your own actions! You can choose to create a life of peace and freedom, for which one still has to work hard, or you can choose to remain on the lazy and “easy” route of violence and suffering. Good luck!

      • Below – this long winded and toxic reponse from PK rather proves my point.
        The language and argument as a defence of the indefensible are verbatim the same king of trash the Nats used to claim their moral right to use hideous repression and violence to support their evil. PK has not moved more than the Eshel Rhoodie of the time of Geoebells for that matter.

        Just a pile of histrionic delusional reactionary crap typical of the blind zionist fanatic.

      • Revd. John Freeman

        Now that I have read several of your posts, Benjamin, I must say I feel honored to be among your targets. Like you, I was among those who did a little more than oppose apartheid passively. But I was always uneasy about the sports and cultural boycotts.

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