The Rules of (Oceanic) Engagement


Well it’s been a little over a week since we arrived back from the sunny shores of Umtlodi Beach. It was one incredible family trip filled with fun, laughter and loadsbof adventure. We did relax a little too!
I was quite forcefully pushed back into reality as university started the weekend after we arrived home. Ever since, I have been focused on Jane Austin, Oscar Wilde, the history of Southern Africa from 1652 and Cognitive Psychology!

Now, since my first swim in the swirling sea, this post has been playing on my mind. As a result of no internet and being in-between mobile phones, the chance to write it has not arisen until today!

So, what does Rules of Oceanic Engagement mean? This, in my mind, is the “do’s” and “don’ts” of swimming in that big blue mass that we humans call: The Ocean!
Here we go:
1) Always have a feel of what the terrain you are swimming in, is like. For example: if it slopes up or down, if there are sharp shells and rough sandy areas (as this may cause you mild amounts of pain if a wave throws you into it)

2) Always swim in a place where you are able to stand – don’t ever go deep enough to the point where the water is above your neck area. Rather be safe and stand where the water up to your shoulders.

3) Always keep an eye on the type of wave coming your way – if it’s just a normal swell, jump through it. If a large amount of white water is coming your way, swim with it, otherwise you may just be dunked violently!

4) Keep your eyes on the water all the time – know what your facing so you can react properly and “take” the wave on in a non-dangerous fashion. (Unless you are going to swim with the white water coming toward you. Refer to Rule 2.)

5) Always swim in-between the beacon provided by the lifeguards.

6) To avoid being pulled in by the backwash, dig your feet firmly into the sand and move your arms in an anti-clockwise direction. If you feel yourself being pulled in, swim with the next wave toward the shore – never go to deep into the water!!

Finally, have fun, enjoy the beauty of the water but always remember to be careful!!
The Ocean is truly a magnificenct place filled with all the wonders of the world. It is G-d’s untouched territory…
However as all things go in the natural world; at times  it can be quite a deceptively dangerous place!


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