Studies All Round…

I am happily back from my two month Hiatus. Before I began this project called a “blog,” I made a promise to myself that I would keep this up and running no matter what my schedule at university looked like…
Unfortunately I didn’t keep to that promise very well… As April rolled into May, the work load seemed to get heavier and heavier to the point where I even had to pull a few “all-nighters” (never again). In true fashion, the paper-pile grew higher and higher to the point where I couldn’t even see over my desk (that may be an exaggeration).
Well before I knew it Mid-Year Exams were upon me and I found myself frantically trying to remember all the dates of famous American Presidents, Wars and even trying to remember all the painstaking moments of the African-American struggle, from Slavery to Freedom – Something which seemed fairly familiar to me and my Jewish religion. Something we are reminded of every year during the Jewish Holiday of Passover.

Once History was over, I had to remind myself of the different Media Theories, Media Metaphors and Media Companies….definitely not the most enjoyable task and it was lucky I decided to take the time to review the “Media Metaphors” an hour before the exam… Need I say more?

From there we moved onto Psychology. At the time there was literally a 12 hour break between Media and Psychology and before that, there had been a Jewish Holiday. One of the laws, especially on this holiday, is that one should not technically look at Secular Studies…I had to get a special “Heter” or “permission-slip” which allowed me, just this once to learn for my two immanent exams. However on the first night of this holiday (the evening before we ‘receive’ the 10 Commandments once again) I was absolutely “forbidden to even touch the stuff,” and luckily I didn’t – but that is another story altogether.
So: from Freud to Vygotsky and then all the way to Klein and Bandura, I somehow managed wing-myself through certain parts of that exam by picking up not-so-obvious clues…if they were even clues…well time will tell!

Finally I ended off with my favourite Shakespeare, “Hamlet,” and my not so favourite “Titus Andronicus…” throw some Christopher Marlowe and some “Canterbury Tales” and you have an interesting English exam to contend with.

Marks still have not been released – Go Figure Wits – All I can say is that I’m here to stay and this time around I look forward to posting many more enthralling tales and inspirational thoughts. So stay tuned.


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  1. I would have thought that while apologising to all those who attended the ill-fated concert by Yossi Reshef at Wits, the Vice-Chancellor would have had the good grace to extend a special apology to the pianist himself who had traveled all the way from Israel to perform at Wits. Doesn’t he deserve a personal word of regret?

  2. I had the honour of speaking to Mr Reshef last night and he said that the Vice-Chancellor did send him a very heartfelt personal apology. But, yes I do think the University should put out a public apology to Mr Reshef as well.

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