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The Magic of the Opera

I had a lovely evening with my sister and a few friend last night. We went off to see the Phantom of the Opera at Montecasino. It was absolutely phenomenal!

My first real exposure to this wonderful production was when I was in Grade 5. A small theatre company came to perform this in a simple manner for my Primary School. I fell in love with it immediately. I remember insisting that my mother rent me the 1925 silent version and 1986 Movie versions of the Production from the Local Video store. I was absolutely enchanted and went through quite an “obsessed” phase.

I had to have the “Christine” doll, posters, stickers, you name it – I had it. As I got older the obsession faded but my love for the music and storyline was always there. It came in phases!

In 2004, my “obsession” was renewed, the Brand New Film Version (directed by Joel Schumacher) was released. Starring the GORGEOUS Gerard Butler and Beautiful Emmy Rossum. Once again, I was enthralled with Andrew Lloyd Webbers Musical.

So of course when the Production came to the Johannesburg Theatre (a few years later) I went to go see it too!

Yet, of all the versions I have come across, (without giving too much away), nothing can beat last nights performance. The acting, vocal talent and special effects take this Musical to new heights, from the rise of the Chandelier in the Overture scene to the underground Boat scene, you felt as if you were right there, watching this events unfold before your very eyes. Andre Schwartz, star of the Cape Town Performance played the part of Erik, the Phantom. As always, he did an absolutely astounding job. (Although Jonathan Roxmouth was missed!) The vibrant costumes and flawless orchestra make this a production an absolute MUST-SEE. Whether you’re a fan or not, it will truly inspire you.

The Production is Running at Montecasino until May 20th.

Thomas Newman – Musical Mistero

There is something mysteriously beautiful about Score Pieces of Music. They add an emotional air to a scene within a movie. It just may be that the music you are hearing in that specific scene reminds you of a moment in you life, it recalls a painful, happy or sad memory. Thus, you have a deeply emotional connection to the scene.


It may be that you understand how that person feels within that situation. It can also be the idea that one hopes that a part of ones life will either play out in that specific way or perhaps NOT play out in that way at all.

Maybe it’s just that; we base the way in which we hope situations will turn out too much on scenes within a movie or television show. The way we fall in love, the Happily Ever After or that ending we don’t hope for – the dramatic music and the overly-dramatic ending…. Think about it, just for a second, what movie scene relates perfectly to the way something in your life has turned out. Have you based what should or could happen in life on the rest of the movie or TV show?

We all have, even I sometimes imagine that I will meet my “Prince Charming” spontaneously, that he’ll rescue me from a treacherous dragon or perhaps that we may meet when I drop my coffee or a bunch of books on the ground in the middle of a bustling New York Street or even the idea of that dramatic fight before I marry just to get proof of how much ‘he’ actually loves me (like in the scene of the Blender in Father of the Bride with Steve Martin) yet knowingly and undoubtedly, we will make-up and live happily ever after with that beautiful love song or that breathtaking score music “playing” in the background…To dramatic?

Although there are no lyrics to it, score music is something that is truly unbelievable. It brings real feelings forward, touches a chord and even allows us to perhaps see things in a brilliant or different way. It can even change your mood – without that score music in the background, would you really shed a tear during the saddest scene in a movie?

For example: listening to a hopeful piece such as Thomas Newman’s “Pay it Forward” theme, may give you strength and hope. It can even turn your mood around…well it does for me anyway!

Of all the composers that create score music, the one that touches a part of me most, is definitely Thomas Newman and his *insert appropriate adjective here* pieces. My favourite piece is a toss up between “The Letter That Never Came” from the Lemony Snickets’ Film, A Series of Unfortunate Events and of course that of Road to Perdition. (An excellent film I might add with a great cast – Tom Hanks is flawless as usual).

There is something ultimately perfect about the way he composes his music, the instruments he uses and even more so his technique and control.

In my opinion, the use of score music is specifically aimed at provoking a psychological reaction. With the perfect score music; a movie can make a strong imprint and impact on the audience. It is this genre of music that actually connects everybody, all over the world. It makes us one, provoking similar feelings or idea’s within each and every one of us.

No lyrics, yet overtly powerful.

As the say – less is more…

Jason Isaacs and the Car Crash of Secrets…

NBC’s new show “Awake” is definitely a rare find. As they say, a show like this is “rarer than rubies.”

I discovered it while watching an episode of the David Letterman Show (I think…) and there was a preview. I must say I was intrigued.

I watched the Pilot Episode and for the first time since the legendary ABC show, “Lost”, ended I found myself feeling the exact same way… All I wanted was more! Obsession much?

Yes, I got to watch the next four episodes and yes, all I still want is more.

Jason Isaacs, as usual, puts on a brilliant show and flawless American accent. He’s one actor (among a few) that until now, has been completely under-rated despite the fact that he really can act. It’s about time he gains the respect he deserves.

Now….I’m holding on tight for Episode six and until then…


The questions which plague me are: Which reality is real? Could Michael be Schizophrenic OR is it something deeper –  Could there something supernatural behind all this? and What was all this curiosity over the “Little Guy” at the end of episode 2? What does Captain Harper (Laura Innes) know that we don’t… (Suggestions are welcome!)

All I can tell you, is that the excitement or moreover the anticipation is growing and until all this mystery behind the fateful car accident is solved, this show isn’t losing this girl as a fan.

P.S. Here’s to hoping they don’t “can” this show, just like they did “Eli Stone” – viva la Season 2!