“Niece Times.”

Yesterday, I had the privilege of spending the whole of the afternoon with my 18 month old niece. When I arrived she was standing at the lounge table, playing with play-dough, something she had never seen. I watched her for a bit. Her look was of absolute fascination. She kept pressing and squishing it and then looking at me, wanting a reaction.We made a few shapes together and then that she was suddenly off…

Running to her bedroom. I found her eating a wet-wipe…well more like chewing on it. Poor kid is teething…again!

So, it was just me and her. Chilling out. Spending some Real quality time together. Something I haven’t done with her in a while.

The best moment was when this gorgeously cute child, was lying on me. I cannot explain the sudden feeling that came over me, there she was, my little niece lying on me, quietly and happily looking at her favourite “Teddy-Rabbit”. Then suddenly she did something she’s never done before:

She turned her head, looked me in the eye and gave me the biggest smile I have ever seen. She then proceeded to top it off with a huge kiss on my cheek. At that moment I wanted time to stop so I could fully take in the incredible moment that had literally made my day.

So, you must be wondering “Ag, why did I have the need to share this story?”

Well, all too often, we don’t appreciate the beauty of the quiet moments in life. We get way too caught up in our busy lifestyle, our work, university, social networking (don’t think of me as a hypocrite here!) and we don’t take the time to really look at the little mercies we are blessed with. These little things, like a smile, a hug or a friendly conversation can really change the way we look at our world and the things that take place in it.

So fellow friends and Bloggers, take a moment, look around you and appreciate the things you take for granted because in the end, it’s these little moments that make life worth living.

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