Blue Pancakes for Breakfast.

The whole idea of a blog has been playing on my mind since the moment I decided I wanted to become a writer, a journalist and a creative fundi.

What worried me, or what made me procrastinate about this idea was – how would the world react to my viewpoints and idea’s? Even more so, can I keep something like this up? Update? Write? Save? Choice? Life?

It all just seems so complicated. However after a lovely breakfast (more like lunch) consisting of Blue Pancakes and a cup of Decaff Ricoffy, I decided to move past my “commitment phobic” fear and begin the “arduous” task of writing a blog.

So in other words, I would like to say: “Hello World! I’m  ready to write all about life, love, truth, celebrities and above all the most random idea’s that come to mind.”

About ilanitc

Happy-Go-Lucky |Budding Journalist & Writer | Randomly Excitable | Dramatic | Music Lover | Wits Vuvuzela Journalist | Monty Python | Coldplay | RHCP | Culinary Skills Abound | Music Lover |Monty Python | Southern Tip of Africa.

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